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Captain Rosemary Bryant Mariner

April 02, 1953 - January 24, 2019

Captain Rosemary Mariner, United States Navy, Retired, died on January 24, 2019, in the fifth year of her battle with ovarian cancer, with her husband and wingman of 40 years by her side. She was 65.


Posted 02/03/2018

I found another model of the F-8 but this time it is a VC-2 paint job with a VC-2 Logo on the pedestal.

You can contact the builder at:

Squadron Nostalgia

Posted 11/13/2017

For you Radio Control buffs out there, here is very nice F8 model that can be purchased for under $100. The detail of the model is awesome. If anyone purchases one of these, please share your experience with this website. Thanks


Radio Contriol F8 Video

Posted 08/20/2017

When I sent out a mass email, I discovered several of our squadron mates who are listed in the roster have bad or outdated email addresses. The email addresses that were returned undeliverable were removed from the roster. If you notice your email address is missing please resubmit on the below form. Thanks

  "Roster Submission Form"

Posted 10/3/2015

Below is a picture by artist Gaëtan Marie. He did an awesome job with your personal name below the cockpit canopy. You can have any sidenumber and Buro. number you desire. Click on picture to see the detail. Very well done!


Posted 9/14/2015

Chip Harris has indicated to me that there might be some interest out there for another Squadron Reunion. Drop me an email if you are interested. dlee0005@earthlink.net

 You can now submit your personal data by filling out the submission form and hitting the "Submit" button. The data is automatically sent to me via email. If you have changed your address, email, etc. use this form to get the changes to me.

Posted 9/8/2015

The website was down for several days due to the website host supplier changing their hosting format. I have had to redo the VC-2 website to meet their criteria. Hopefully I can spruce up the site a bit. If you have any suggestions on what is provided on the site or perhaps what you don't think is necessary, please drop me an email at dlee0005@earthlink.net

Thanks, Dan Lee 


Posted 11/20/2014

I'm posting this bulletin to let you know that the website is still active. Since I haven't had a anything to post I wanted you to know I'm still here, so if you have any new news that might interest our squadron mates drop me a line. Dan Lee dlee0005@earthlink.net

Posted 05/25/2012

I recently received the following email and thought it might be of interest to you. I have posted the link to our website.


Good Day Fleet Composite Squadron Two and Friends,

I came across your site, Fleet Composite Squadron Two, and noticed that we share a similar interest in the health and wellness of Veterans. I think that your site offers a wonderful source of information and relevant resources to your viewers. I believe I have a great addition to your collection of links. My name is Sarah Anderson, the Communications Director for Mesothelioma Resource Online. Approximately 30% of all patients in the US diagnosed with this lethal form of cancer served in the military at some point. However, our site, www.MesotheliomaSymptoms.com, is an excellent resource to learn about Asbestos in the military and the various treatment options for Mesothelioma.

I saw that on your site, http://southeastaca.net/vc2/Links.htm, has some links to some other great veteran resources, and I would be grateful if you shared our site, MesotheliomaSymptoms.com. Ideally, this would be a single text link to Mesothelioma to help raise awareness. Please let me know if this interests you. I look forward to your reply.

Sarah Anderson


Posted 04/19/2009

Donald Bauman has sent me an Approach Article about one of our pilots from VC-2. Lt. Jerome Petykowski was shot down over the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Virginia on 10 Dec. 1976, by a Marine Corp F-4 Phantom. Below is the article.

Read Approach Magazine Article

Posted: 11/13/2008

           I have just corresponded with Gaëtan Marie, an artist who has created this wonderful drawing of the F-8 with the VC-2 paint job. He is also writing a e-book on the F-8 and all the squadrons that flew her. As soon as I receive word that it is complete, I'll post it to this Bulletin Board.


Rod Forbis has Passed Away

This morning (December 1, 2005) Elred "Rod " Forbis passed away as a result of a massive stroke. Rod was just two days short of his 68th birthday and his stroke was without any prior notice or symptoms. We will miss him!

Rod was a Duke University NROTC graduate, VF174 student and spent a tour of duty flying F-8's in VC-2 during the 1960's. Rod and I both returned to Durham, North Carolina after our Navy days. We have been next door neighbors and best of friends for the past 35+ years.

Not being up-to-date with e-mail, Rod's wife Nancy asked that I pass on to her any e-mail through IEH3@hotmail.com . Nancy's home address is:

Nancy Forbis

3916 Wentworth Drive

Durham, North Carolina 27707

(919) 596-8221

Funeral service information is not available at this time.

Note: There is a link to VC-2 on the Gunfighter's Site. The VC-2 site has a squadron picture with Rod in the front row, as well as well as several pictures of both Rod and Nancy at the 2001 squadron reunion.

Chip Harris    ----    ChipHarris@compuserve.com


  Date Posted 13 December, 2004

  The following is an email I recently received. If anyone has any information on the history on this aircraft, please contact Bob Fryer at Planenutti@aol.com.

  It is time that you and the rest of your squadron mates have an update on the CAF's US-2B BUNO 136404. it has been a long 14 months for the airplane and our squadron but both are doing well.

  The Tracker was sent to have its avionics updated and a second radio installed at our local field. Upon completion one of our crews was taking it back to another airport where we have rented hangar space and the owner of the FBO is an old C-1A crew chief. Well to keep this short, on takeoff there was a chip light on the number two engine, so they went to feather and nothing happened. With the strength of 3 great airman and the grace of a higher helping hand they got the Tracker safely back on the ground. Only damage that resulted was a blown starboard main tire and one radio antenna. The cause of the trouble was a blown oil line from the tank to the feathering pump. Needless to say, the number 2 was making big chunks of metal. It took a lot of time, effort and money but the airplane was back flying for the end of the show season. It made trips to Elkhart, IN, Southern Pines, NC, Chesapeake and Suffolk and Chesterfield, VA and one long haul out to Midland, TX. The airplane is currently up and awaiting its turn in the hangar for its annual maintenance, our Lodestar is currently getting annualed.
  On another note, we have been able to get VC-2 patches remanufactured to be worn on our flight suits and for sale in our air show PX. If any VC-2 members would like to buy one, they can connect me and I will make the arrangements.
  Attached you will find a few new pictures of the Tracker at our field in Chesapeake, VA when we were holding a Wings and Wheels show in October.
  We are still looking for more history of '404' during its time with the Blue Falcons. I did get some pictures that you also have posted on your site but have lost the flyer who provided them.
Keep'em Flying,



F-8 Model

Date Posted 06 September, 2004

Don Bells son, Mike has commissioned a VC-2 F8 model to be made. It has all the VC-2 insignias and paint schemes incorporated. The detail of this model is very good as you can see by the photos. If you would like to contact the builder to have one made for yourself, email Gptrckmrtn7009@aol.com.

To see pictures of the model go to the F8 model page


Trader Jon's Closes

Date Posted 21 November 13, 2003

Buno #136404 Flying

Date Posted 21 October 28, 2003

Tracker is flying and has done 3 air shows since August and has two more before Christmas including Camden, SC in two weeks and then a fly over of the First Flight monument in December as part of the activities. See Bulletin below.

 Web Site Moved

Date Posted 21 September, 2003

The web address of this web site has changed. You might want to remark it in your favorites selections. Unfortunately the new web site provider does not have all  bells and whistles as my last provider, so any data submission must be done manually. Until further notice, anyone sending in roster data, please do so by forwarding the info to me via email. The group discussion page is no longer available. The number of pictures will also have to be limited due to the size restraint on the web site.

Sorry for the inconvenience........

Also note my new email address is  --  dlee0005@earthlink.net



 Aircraft # 146985 located

Date Posted 17August, 2003

I stopped at the Titusville Warbird Museum in May and found the Crusader in great shape. It is being stored inside the Warbird Museum hangar. If you are in the Cape Kennedy area of Florida, I highly recommend a visit to this museum. It is located at the Titusville Airport. They have quite a few war birds from our era on display ( T2, F9, F-4, A7, S2F ).

Another VC-2 Aircraft being Restored

Date Posted 9 May, 2003


I recently received an email from Bob Fryer asking for some help on the history of a VC-2 --- S2 B  aircraft (BU #  136404) that the Old Dominion Squadron of the Commemorative Air Force has in their possession. The airplane is currently undergoing heavy maintenance at Franklin, VA (FKN) but once up and flying it will reside at Hampton Roads Executive Airport (PVG) in Chesapeake, VA.  If any one out there flew this bird, you might want to get in touch with Bob. Drop him an email at Planenutti@aol.com. They are going to keep the VC-2 paint scheme and are also in the process of reproducing our squadron patch, so that the crew can wear them on their flight suits.

Aircraft #146985 Restored

Date Posted 20 December, 2002

Chip Harris has given me a heads up on BU #146985. It has been completely restored and is shown here recently being rolling out at Titusville. This aircraft as shown is an F-8F model which has been converted from the  F-8C flown at VC-2. It was in service at VC-2 from 1965 to 1966. It's great to see one of our Crusaders restored.


Sean Paul Milligan has sent the following request

Date Posted 20 March, 2002

        I am a former Marine and published Naval Aviation Historian now completing a book that details the history of US Navy and Marine Corps Utility Squadrons called “Serve The Fleet! - Threat - Adversary - Target - Utility Aviation of the US Navy and Marine Corps since 1925”  that, hopefully, will be published later this year. This work is a culmination of more than fifteen years of independent, self funded,  research that I began in 1984 but in truth began much earlier when, as a fourteen year old Civil Air Patrol Cadet student pilot, I had the great honor to go up in a VU-2 JD-1 Jig Dog at Quonset. 

The book will cover All Utility Squadrons from the first NAVY one, Utility Squadron ONE, VJ-1, at North Island in 1925, and MARINES VJ-6M in 1927 at QUANTICO to the last offsprings, today’s Fleet Composite Squadron VC-8, The Red Tails at NS ‘Rosey Roads’ and VU-6 at Oceana and MARINE VMGRs.

Navy Utility Squadrons covered will include VJ-1 through VJ-20, VU-1 through VU-10, XVJ-25, ZJ-1, VX-2, GMSS-1, GMGRU-2, Fleet Composite Squadrons VC-1 through VC-12, VFC-12 and VFC-13, all Utility Squadron Detachments, NAS, Carrier and Tender based Utility Units, seagoing VU KD Drone Units  both Utility Wings, Atlantic and Pacific plus ALL MARINE VMJ Utility Squadrons as well as MARINE JM Tow Units

The quantity and quality of the material on each Squadron will be as extensive as historical resources allow.  This means you!  Each Squadron will be given as much space in the book as there are stories to tell and photos to justify.  I want to hear from all hands from all Squadrons so that each Squadron can have at least SOME representation.  Especially needed are memories and photos from the short lived WW II “double digit” Squadrons that were raised up in a hurry during “the big one” and were then quickly chopped by President Truman right after V-J Day.  All info and photos on these and all other Squadrons and Units will be greatly appreciated, fully credited, and returned, if so required.

The title, “Serve The Fleet!”, is no accident.  For more than three quarters of a century, the indispensable labors and sacrifices, the Dedication to Duty of every man in the Utility Squadrons has been neglected.  The professionalism and savvy of every aircrew and ground personnel, officer, petty officer and sailor, in the Utility Squadron Family of the United States Navy has been sadly and wrongly ignored and neglected by most every segment of the aviation and naval history community - until now!  Service in the Navy’s and Marine Corps Utility Squadrons, tough and good, was your Service. This is your book!  It is now time, long over due, to have your story told.  Please help me to do you all  Proud. THANKS!!

  Sean Paul Milligan


PAWTUCKET, RI   02861-2125